Become a UNCA Advisory Council Member

The UNCA takes penetrable action on a targeted range of issues through the support of its annually elected Advisory Council Members. UNCA Advisory Council Members (ACMs) are industry-specific experts who serve as non-recourse, strategic advisors in support of the organization's key initiatives. The expertise of UNCA ACMs is leveraged to gain an in-depth understanding of sub-markets, social and economic trends, policy development, and industry best practices. The UNCA is accepting candidate nominations for 2020-2021 Advisory Council Members for the following councils:

Disaster Management Council: FL, GA, NC, SC, TX, LA, and the Caribbean
Crisis Counseling & Intervention Council: FL, SC, and NC
Societal Reinstatement & Development Council: FL, SC, and NC
Community and Economic Development Council: FL, SC, and NC
Children and Family Development Council: FL, SC, and NC
Mass Feeding Council: FL, SC, and NC


UNCA Advisory Council Member Requirement

The UNCA partners with high-impact servant-leaders revered in their industries for their progression, ethics, and desire to impart. ACM's are industry-specific experts with:

(1) a demonstrated professional excellence of over 15 years in the areas of economics, education, counseling, government, supply chain management, disaster management; or

(2) a UNCA council pertinent Master's Degree or higher from an accredited college/university, along with two endorsements from a national or regionally recognized organization; or

(3)  is an interfaith community leader with at least 15 years of operational experience within a specific geographical region.


UNCA Advisory Council Member Registration Process  

The UNCA takes penetrable action on a targeted range of issues through the support of its annually elected Advisory Council Members. UNCA Advisory Council Members (ACMs) are industry-specific experts

Step 1 Nomination: ACM candidates must be nominated by a UNCA Board Certified Chaplains, Affiliated NGO, or government partner;

Step 2 Package Submittal: Candidates must submit a (1) Letter of Interest or email outlining their council interest and source of recommendation and (2) Professional biography. Packages are to be emailed to;

Step 3 Interview Call: Upon successful review, a UNCA team member will schedule a brief interview call with the Candidate and share additional details regarding the council; and

Step 4 Acceptance: Confirmed Candidates will receive a Letter of Appointment along with supporting documentation.


UNCA Administration Contact

The UNCA encourages all ACM candidates to apply through their respective UNCA Board Certified Chaplain or their referral partner.  The consideration period will close on December 6, 2020. For questions or further verification, you may contact our administrative office via phone at 1.954.376.3128 or email us at

How to Apply
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On June 3, 2020, the United Nations Chaplains Association (UNCA) mobilized a response to ease national tensions resulting from the May 25, 2020, death of George P. Floyd, Jr.  The UNCA Police and Community Engagement Initiative was launched to establish the long-term infrastructure required to develop partnerships between communities and local law enforcement agencies. On September 3, 2020, the UNCA entered into an agreement with the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) to launch the initiative. The UNCA is currently engaging additional law enforcement agencies and recruiting Community Engagement Team (CET) Chaplains and Advisory Council Members (ACMs) throughout Broward and Dade County. To learn more, register for our next interest meeting.

Virtual Interest Meeting- Level 1 Details 

Date: Thursday, December 17, 2020

Time: 7:30pm (EST)

Location: The Virtual Interest Meeting will be held on Zoom. Pre-Registration is required. The meeting coordinates will be sent to attendees prior to the meeting.

Who Should Attend: Those interested in serving as a Community Engagement Team (CET) Chaplain-Volunteer or Advisory Council Member in throughout South Florida. Those interested in registering as a Community Care Coalition partner can register on the UNCA's Police and Community Engagement Initiative site at

Register for our next interest meeting through our secure registration form below or email us at with questions.

Become a UNCA Community Engagement Team (CET) Chaplain

As a United Nations Chaplains Association (UNCA), Community Engagement Team (CET) Chaplain, you become a part of one of the country’s most dynamic professional agencies, with a powerful reputation for supporting and promoting community growth. The Community Engagement Team Chaplain coordinates the delivery of social and economic resources, builds key relationships with community groups, public advocates, local congregations, educational institutions, political officials, corporate and foundation leaders in a specified neighborhood, through prospecting and tactics supporting the implementation of a strategically practical, comprehensive, results-oriented plan, to meet the needs of America’s neighborhoods. 

Because each neighborhood differs, the focus is on adapting the UNCA structure to determine distribution sites and staging areas to share essential goods and services to vulnerable populations according to their specific need while providing on-site services and community outreach events and activities.  The CET Chaplain will determine and formally secure a partnership with local law enforcement, government, and community stakeholders and develop a Rapid Response Team (RRT) for their assigned neighborhood. The primary focus of UNCA CET Chaplains is to support the UNCA’s Police & Community Engagement Initiative

Responsibilities and Duties:

•      Provide services through engaging law enforcement, communities, and all stakeholders in support of projects to meet the needs of communities in the specified neighborhood.

•      Strengthen leadership skills and build relationships with non-government organizations (NGO’s), local houses of worship, and community development partners.

•      Develop online and texting platform consortium of legal partners in the region, supporting sensitivity and inclusion of cross-ethnic relationships.

•      Collaborate with other UNCA CET Chaplains, Community Care Coalition members, and other relevant volunteers to develop a Rapid Response Team (RRT) strategy.

•      Develop a Twelve (12) month Plan of Action with strategies for deployment of an RRT, which includes a plan for ascertaining needs, RRT formation, engagement, and effective deployment to communities.

•      Coordinate with the United Nations Chaplains headquarters to ensure the rapid response network contributes to leadership development and mission goals.

Minimum Qualifications:

•      CET Chaplain applicants must demonstrate a minimum of 10 years of community service/ development within their assigned neighborhood; 

•      Possess, have access to, or demonstrate an ability to receive and distribute material resources and services within the specified neighborhood;

•      Ability to serve as a consultant or expert to an interdisciplinary team;

•      Understanding of, and ability to respond to the particular concerns and issues pertaining to treatment of “whole communities’ (i.e., gender, religious, and various cultural competencies);

•      Knowledge of the structure, regulations, practices, and programs of interfaith spiritual and emotional care delivery systems or have the ability to complete required training;

•      Ability to interpret and apply a body of rules, policies, and procedures from within the UNCA;

•      Ability to develop and maintain liaisons with a variety of outside organizations; and

•      Bachelor’s Degree preferred, though, waived through breadth and scope of demonstrated community development.


How to Apply
As a key member of the team, we give you the training, insight, and creative control to make an impact right from the start. Click the button below to be re-routed to the Careers Page on our main site.