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UNCA COVID Response- April 2020

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UNCA Hurricane Michael Relief

-October 2018

Chairman's Message 

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 Hurricane Maria interview of Dr. Jackson- 09-30-2017

Our Story & Purpose 

UNCA Chaplain Larry Williams led efforts to donate supplies to support community engagement in Marion County SC Sherriff's Department, Mullins Police Department, Marlboro County Sheriff's Department, Latta Police Department, Maxton Police Department, Red Springs Police Department, and Rowland Police Department. -May 1, 2020

UNCA Chairman Dr. Jackson and team coordinating humanitarian aide with U.S Air Force, U.S. Marines, and  Department of Homeland Security agents in Puerto Rico  during Hurricane Maria- Mercedita Airport 2017

Traumatic experiences, lack of available resources, and under-representation are all but a few factors that have led to increased tensions between local police and the neighborhoods they serve. As communities cry for social justice, law enforcement professionals are petitioning for access to resources. Should a community be defined by the acts of a few of its neighbors? Should the actions of a few members represent the condition of an entire police department?

On June 3, 2020, the United Nations Chaplains Association (UNCA) mobilized a response to ease national tensions. The civil unrest resulted after the May 25, 2020 death of George P. Floyd, Jr., an African American man who was suffocated after being pinned to the ground by a member of the Minneapolis Police Department. The UNCA Police & Community Engagement Initiative was launched to leverage the UNCA's network of interfaith communities, local and federal government agencies, and non-government organizations (NGOs) to establish the long-term infrastructure required to develop relationships between communities and local law enforcement agencies.

The UNCA is a professional organization committed to promoting social and economic development, crisis counseling, disaster management, and leadership engagement throughout the continental United States and the Caribbean. In 2016, the UNCA emerged as a leader in Disaster Relief management, having coordinated with FEMA, The American Red Cross, and over 200 agencies to streamline services and impact the lives of millions affected by disasters.

The UNCA Police & Community Engagement Initiative (UNCA PCE Initiative) drives police and community partnerships by leveraging local law enforcement agencies' cooperation, and UNCA led Community Care Coalitions (CCC's) comprised of non-profits, public agencies, service providers, interfaith networks, and community stakeholders. This combined alliance increases the identification and delivery of goods and services to strengthen partnerships between communities and police. The UNCA PCE Initiative's Mission4 objectives center on three areas of focus: (1) Create & Maintain Social Equity, (2) Respond & Recover From Disasters, (3) Protect & Promote Youth Prosperity, and (4) Create & Promote Mental Health Interventions.

The UNCA is actively engaging local and county public agencies, registering Community Care Coalition partners and recruiting community engagement team chaplains throughout the Southeastern United States.

UNCA Chaplains Brenda Ferebee and Chaplain Larry Williams Distribution to Rowland Police Department -COVID Response May 2020

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